Biggest Soccer Tournament Promotion

by Chap Chap Snacks

In just six weeks, the eyes of the world will be on football’s biggest event!

Cheering for our favorite team is always a fun and delicious experience, but it tastes even better when you do so with something as awesomely unique like our freshly made snacks!

Our gift boxes are back to celebrate and support the 5 participating African countries, Cameroon, Ghana, Morocco, Senegal, and Tunisia as well as Canada! They are a perfect companion on game day.

We’re all set to cheer for the Black Stars (Ghana) with our mouth-watering, crunchy Cassava Chips. Our peanut cookies will made you feel passionate about the Lions of Teranga (Senegal) as they roar during the competition; The spirit of adventure is in the air as we cheer for the Carthage Eagles (Tunisia) with our dates. The spiciness of our Lemon Pepper Almonds will bring out the hidden warrior in you and make any of the Atlas Lions (Morocco) game, an exceptional one! The unconquerable spirit of the the Indomitable Lions (Cameroon) will be at your fingertips with our Plantain Chips. The Reds (Canada), iconic symbol of the Canadian pride will bring you sweet smell of our unique Maple Syrup Chinchin. Cheering for your favorite country with our tasty treats has never been sweeter!

Are you a soccer fan?
Are you adventurous for new tastes and flavors ?
Do you want to surprise a friend or family member an original gift idea ?
Do you want to participate in the dreams of several children to participate one day to the World Cup ?

We are grateful for your business with CHAP CHAP SNACKS and we would like you to take advantage of our special offer for you only !

Buy your BIG SOCCER TOURNAMENT BOXES and use the code BIGSOCCER2022 before November 30th to get free shipping.

In addition, get your box today and a chance to win one of the 5 lucky tickets that will put your name on the list for a draw to win our prizes of a value of $150 and several other exiting prizes such as CHAP CHAP SNACKS gift cards. Don’t miss out – get them now before they run out!

What’s inside the box
1 Tube of Cassava Chips
1 Tube of Plantain Chips
1 Tube of Maple Syrup Chin Chin
1 Tube of Peanut Cookies
1 Tube of Lemon Pepper Almond
1 Tube of Dates

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