About Us

Our story started in August 2020. Tétia and her sister Sayébehi were trying to find the perfect snack from the Ivory Coast for friends and family here in Canada. They realized there was a lack of options, especially since they were only looking for snacks from their native country, which made it very personal.

Chap Chap Snacks started as a passion project to create snacks we loved to have when we were at home and go back in time to the best moments of our childhood with our family and friends.

Sayébehi decided to name it ‘CHAP CHAP’, which means ‘quickly’ in Nouchi, Ivorian slang

Chap Chap takes a spin on the traditional flavors of West Africa with its unique tastes and textures. It’s an affordable yet delicious option, perfect for when you want that extra kick to your everyday snacks!

Chap Chap Snacks is a team that celebrates the good things in life. We believe in good food, big parties and sending friends and family lots of love.

That’s us! We look forward to snacking with you soon.