About Us

My name is Tetia and I'm the founder of Chap Chap Snacks.

As a youngster in the Ivory Coast, my siblings and I were always blessed with homemade snacks and cookies lovingly baked by our dear mother. She even made sure we had enough to share with our buddies during recess.

I've always had a passion for cooking and sharing meals, which was a huge part of our family life. Being the entrepreneurial type, I started a profitable side hustle making and selling popcorn and toffee candies during my high school days.


Fast forward to 2020, after moving to Ottawa, I realized the scarcity of Ivorian snacks in the market.

With my home country's nostalgia and my desire to spread the deliciousness of my childhood snacks to my Canadian friends and family, I decided to start a business.

That's when my sister Sayebehi came up with the name 'CHAP CHAP,' which means 'quickly' in Nouchi, the Ivorian slang.

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