Tetia Bayoro founder of Chap Chap Snacks

by Chap Chap Snacks

Tell us a bit about your business


Chap Chap Snacks is a subscription box service that sells African-inspired dry snacks. Each specially curated monthly box contains various types of handcrafted snacks: chips, pastries, nuts, candies, superfoods, and dehydrated fruits.

How did you get started?


My sister and I were feeling nostalgic and looking for fresh and tasty dry snacks from our native country, Ivory Coast. We wanted to be able to enjoy and share them with our friends, colleagues and family here in Canada.

We found that the selection of all African snacks, let alone specifically Ivorian, was extremely limited in the ethnic stores we usually shop at. The only way to get freshly made snacks was to order a substantial quantity from caterers. So, I decided that the best solution was to start my own African-inspired snacks company. My sister chose the name Chap Chap which means “quickly” and comes from an expression in Nouchi, which is Ivorian slang.



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